About Danny Castro

Daniel Castro is a teacher whose life’s work is devoted to discovery. His search for fulfillment led him through many philosophies and techniques, all of which left him empty-handed. Finding that he had nothing outward to rely on, he was forced to look within. This inward journey continues.He held these talks and discussions during retreats in the summers of 1978 and 1979, expressing the need to understand life at first hand, and to interact with people who also need to look at life afresh.

“In focusing your attention on whatever calls you in life, you may be introduced to stillness – a stillness not devoid of feeling, not devoid of sound, not the absence of anything. Stillness, a fertile area – a quality ready to spring into life, a life ready to blossom. In that stillness, the heart speaks.”


Having touched this essential energy, the journey begins – a journey not bound in time or space; a flowering – one realizes the great need to see and experience the essence always.
The very merger in essence transforms and is transforming – life is now a dynamic – the simplest chores and movements – walking, eating, working, sitting – are now movements without friction. Seeing the essence in everything, seeing the qualities of energy, one moves in a dance with all of life.

“The loss of the love sends you to a purgatorial place within yourself. The loss did not cause the hurt, it reveals it. That hurt is where humanity is hiding, and that hurt is also where the individual is held. The mystery is on the other side of the hurt. The body and brain will resist this experience, it’s the true death experience. In effect, the mystery is watching you attempt to approach it. There is no way to the mystery through any approach or device, which are all attempts to run from the deep hurt, and give it some sense. When one sees the limitations of all attempts, one must be with the hurt. It’s in the hurt that the energy is hiding… in plain sight. ” — April 19, 2008